Victor Vorko has 20 years experience, in St. Petersburg, in the craft of making tailor-made cases for all musical instruments. With the craftsman’s tradition very much alive in Russia, Victor Vorko started his activity by designing and manufacturing cases for classical musical instruments (violin, guitar, violoncello…). Later, the quality of his work won him recognition from lute makers. Victor Vorko then specialised in the craft of making made to measure cases for lutes, traditional and ancient musical instrument cases.
His long experience in manufacturing cases for ancient music instruments – in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque styles – enabled him to develop an expertise know-how and craftsmanship combining traditional handicraft and modern techniques, famous all over Russia.
Victor Vorko has been trained as a musician. His striving for excellence has been nurtured on his knowledge of musical instruments.
Victor Vorko Cases provide a level of excellence ensuring solidity, reliability, comfort of the instrument, elegance and insulation for a better preservation.

Victor Vorko’s design and manufacturing workshop was inaugurated in Paris in February of 2009.